Playing Tones

A mobile theatre piece to touch and experience
For Ages 1+

Two artists from Toihaus make their way to your location, their luggage filled with modelling clay. Together with the young audience, the material (modelling clay) is actively researched in dialogue with dance, performance and live music. There is so much to be discovered in touching, feeling, kneading, knocking, pressing! The diverse landscapes and structures which emerge are explored through play.

Toihaus’ newest mobile theatre format is an invitation to a shared creative process and to experience self-confidence.

Agnes Distelberger and Yoko Yagihara make up the „Spieltöne“ team: Agnes is a passionate dancer and performer who, with her sensitive approach and improvisation talent, stimulates the imagination in the here and now. The musical multi-talent Yoko and her melodies, have made many Toihaus productions into fascinating audio-journeys.

Performance: Agnes Distelberger, Marina Iglesias, Angelika Miklin, Raul Rólón, Yoko Yagihara
Created by: Felicitas Biller, Cornelia Böhnisch, Agnes Distelberger, Katharina Frieda Meier, Katharina Schrott, Julia Schwarzbach, Yoko Yagihara



Spieltöne – “Playing Tones” is available for kindergartens and crèches to book now!

Registration | T. +43 662 87 44 39



Credits: Mark Daniel Prohaska