About us

Toihaus is a theatre for music, dance, spoken word, visual arts and collaborations with other art branches and forms of expression. Every year four to six productions for children and adults are created, in which the inexhaustible search for new forms of expression in the live arts may be experienced. The core of Toihaus’ competence lies in its ability to create poetic theatrical moments for the youngest audience members, and in its experimental work for evening pieces geared toward adult audiences. The Toihaus Theatre creates productions for the future generation and, as a natural consequence, the question “What can art do for the future?” flows into the work.

The Toihaus Theatre sets an exemplary standard in sustainability, both on an ecological level and in dealing with artistic ideas and work processes. In-house productions are predominantly developed from ideas without resorting to pre-fabricated, pre-scripted theatre-works and are created together with all artists involved.

Since 2007 Toihaus has been organising the biannual festival BimBam, at which contemporary, international theatre for the youngest audiences is presented. BimBam takes place in the city and countryside of Salzburg, in neighbouring Austrian regions and in Bavaria. In addition to Toihaus’ own productions, the BimBam program always includes invited guests from home and abroad. The festival aims to reach a wide audience and attract children from various backgrounds to experience theatre.

Once a year the question, “What can art do for the future?” is discussed as part of the Performance Fiction Festival. During this time, the quality and values of the work at the Toihaus Theater is evaluated and new networks and ideas can emerge from discussions with artists and invited guests. Inspiration for future season themes may surface from these evaluations, discussions and exchanges. Furthermore, schemes build upon each other, the art and culture scene connect, synergies between children’s and adult programs are created and the audience is pulled into a vortex which enables a deeper dive into the subjects at hand.