The Snail in The Universe

Play with dance and live music, for ages 1.5 years and up

“Is it nice outside?” asks the snail.
“No, it’s raining,” the musician answers.
“That’s what I mean! So it is nice outside! Then I’m coming out now!” the snail hums, stretching her tentacles out (through her shimmering, multi-coloured mucus).

Then the snail sets off on a journey to explore the world. And this may take a while. After all, she must carry her house the whole time. She explores the universe on a spiral path. Or at least dreams of it: Because she wants to be an astronaut when she grows up …

Director: Cornelia Böhnisch
Snail: Susanne Lipinski
Music and composition: Gudrun Plaichinger and Benjamin Lageder aka Magic Delphin
Outside ear: Yoko Yagihara
Outside eye: Katharina Schrott
Stage set and costumes: Sigrid Wurzinger
Light design and tech: Florian Kirchmayr, Robert Schmidjell




“The Snail in the Universe” is available for kindergartens and crèches to book now!

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Credit: Ela Grieshaber