The Moon is dripping

A play with dance and live music for children aged 1 year and up

The moon is so far away that we can’t touch it. It allows us to dream, adds a touch of magic to the dark night with its silvery gleam, is reflected in the water and begins to drip. If you listen carefully, you can feel its white moonbeams. Can we catch the moon’s light and hold onto it? Maybe store it in a glass or funnel?

Through darkest night two funnels go.
and in their narrow necks below
moonbeams gather to cast
the better a
light upon
their path
Christian Morgenstern (translated by Jerome Lettvin)

Stage direction: Cornelia Böhnisch, Katharina Schrott
Music and Composition: Angelika Miklin, Yoko Yagihara
Performance: Pascale Staudenbauer
Stage and Costumes: Maria Morschitzky
Light design and Tech: Alexander Breitner, Robert Schmidjell




“The Moon is dripping” is available for kindergartens and crèches to book now!

Dominique Wastl-Hütter | T. +43 662 87 44 39-20





Credit: Ela Grieshaber