Tempo Tempi

Music Theatre
For Ages 3+

Three characters, who could not be more different from one another, meet each other in an interplay of music and movement: one intents on reaching the end, the other keeps returning to the beginning – and the third? He tries to connect but loses himself in his Spanish solos. Too fast, too slow, in a daydream up in the clouds. In the end, all three find harmony together at their own pace, because music unites.

Awarded the STELLA*22 in the category “Outstanding Music”.

Idea and Concept: Yoko Yagihara
Music and Performance: Gudrun Plaichinger (Violin), Raúl Rolón (Guitar), Yoko Yagihara (Piano)
Costumes: Concept by Simone Monu in collaboration with Yoko Yagihara
Lights and Tech: Alexander Breitner, Robert Schmidjell

Composition: Johannes Brahms (1833-1897), Hungarian Dances, Dance No. 5 in a theatrical arrangement for piano, violin and guitar

Première: September 2021



Registration for kindergartens and toddler groups :
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Credits: Ela Grieshaber, Mark Daniel Prohaska