A series throughout the year

The festival “Performance Fiction”, which started in 2021 with a lot of positive feedback, will be transformed into a series in 2022 on a trial basis and due to the pandemic. Curated by Cornelia Böhnisch, the four-part series of events spread throughout the year, with performances, installations as well as concerts, provides an opportunity for artistic exchange and aims to provide inspiration and stimulation to grasp the future in the now.

Performance Fiction” kicked off on April 21 and 22, 2022 with the sound performance “ARTIKULAT” by NAMES – New Art and Music Ensemble Salzburg. A commissioned work by media artist Antoni Rayzhekov, it was presented as part of the NAMES Ensemble’s “Playgrounds” series: A complex, participatory composition for four musicians* equipped with a wearable biofeedback device during the performance. In real time, the musicians’ biosignals such as heart rate, stress level or body movements were projected on stage and modulated short audiovisual recordings of sound material.

On May 20 and Saturday May 21, both at 7:30 p.m., the second part of the festival is devoted to installation projects: Both works, the performance “Putting the Garden to Sleep” by Sophia Latysheva and Olof Runsten and the installation “Space Suit / Raumanzug” by Karo Kuchar address hope and fragility, each of which is closely connected to the exploration and perception of visible and invisible boundaries.

A special highlight of this year’s “Performance Fiction” festival is the Austrian premiere of Isabelle Schad’s “FUR” at the Toihaus Theater on October 8 / 9. Parallel to this, we will present our successful production “TON – Performance in a circle” at Salzburg’s Kollegienkirche on this weekend. While “FUR” is an encounter with the Japanese dancer Aya Toraiwa and her hair, which thematizes the (hair)dress-like, “outer” layer as an extension of the body and the self, in “TON – Performance in circle” the audience is wrapped in a “layer” of spherical electronic sounds

The grand finale of “Performance Fiction 2022” in November is the two-part, installation performative production “Gesture I” and “Gesture II”, in co-production with the artist collective Alpine Gothic.

Performance Fiction
Konzert, Performances, Installationen & Podcast. Toihaus Theater mit: NAMES – New Art and Music Ensemble Salzburg / Antoni Rayzhekov / Sophia Latysheva & Olof Runsten / Isabelle Schad / Alpine Gothic / Karo Kuchar/ Robert Jungk-Bibliothek für Zukunftsfragen (JBZ)

Performance Fiction is a period of time. Performance Fiction is the fruiting body of the mycelium Toihaus. Performance Fiction is a movement and an artistic seismograph at the same time and traces the future possibilities. We ask ourselves, the audience and experts the question: What can art do for the future? What can the future do for art? In the search for knowledge that is needed to be able to act in the future, the Toihaus Theater sees itself as a space for experimentation. We take up and reflect. That’s what theater means to us. With theater for the very youngest, Toihaus Theater bears great responsibility for the theater and art recipients of the future: What do we give to the future? What formats can we offer that work for everyone, without age limits? How can the arts contribute to creating awareness and foundations for further reflection? Collaborations and interdisciplinary interweaving become essential breeding grounds. Art becomes a source of inspiration and a mirror in social discourse, in questioning habits and ways of life.