In “Leak”, artist Cornelia Böhnisch once again creates a minimalist-hypnotic work that is entirely dedicated to one material: Water – while dripping from the ceiling, it changes the perception of time and space. This half-hour performance is a plunge into the depths of one’s own sensibility.

“Leak” is dedicated to the paradoxical attempt to flatten water. All senses are thereby awakened by performer Elena Francalanci and musician Jan Leitner. The multi-layered meaning of the title “Leak” – ranging from an unintended hole to an unauthorized release of information – is reflected in the fluidity of the water.

After “TON ” (2021) and “Tilting Moments” (2022), “Leak” is the third performance by artist Cornelia Böhnisch in which space, music, movement and material merge into a common choreography.

Premiere: 26.09.2023

Concept, Setting and Choreography: Cornelia Böhnisch
Performance: Elena Francalanci
Music: Jan Leitner
Dramaturgy: Felicitas Biller
Lights and Tech: Florian Kirchmayr, Robert Schmidjell

Credits (c) Siegrid Cain