Flutter Land

Performance with Live-Music
For Ages 3+

A dance with a huge piece of fabric transforming continuously: Small ripples grow into oceanic waves and breezy sculptures emerge from whirling winds. A swelling and subsiding, a peeling off, an up-wards expansion. We envelop ourselves in a cocoon and wait for new skin: where does the wave begin, where does the fold end? Breath becomes movement – and then we flutter away.

Choreography: Cornelia Böhnisch, Katharina Schrott
Choreographic Assistance: Anna Bárbara Bonatto
Performance: Agnes Distelberger, Elena Francalanci (alternative cast: Anna Bárbara Bonatto or Jadwiga Mordarska)
Music: Yoko Yagihara (alternative cast: Martina Weninger)
Dramaturgy: Felicitas Biller
Set Stage / Costume: Cornelia Böhnisch
Lights / Tech: Alexander Breitner, Robert Schmidjell

In close collaboration with the visual artist Gerold Tusch

Première: March 2022


Registration for kindergartens and toddler groups:
Beate Schilcher | beate.schilcher@toihaus.at | T. +43 660 8177074


Credits: Fabian Schober