Ton in Ton

A Piece with Dance and Live Music for Ages 1+

A clump of clay, a dancer, a musician – their bodies fill the space with sounds, notes, tones, forms. Push, press, spread, splat! What else is there to be discovered? The piece “Ton in Ton” sets out on a search to find left behind traces which show us where tones of color, sound, material and body cross paths. Within each note is a touch, in each touch a sound, out of each sound a new arrangement. Touches become traces, traces become landscapes, landscapes form a world. Mountains, hills an elephant? A large nose or perhaps a giant slide into the ocean. Or is it a puddle? A sea?

Encompassed by guitar music and in between the hands of the dancer, the clay plays a lead role and develops a life of its own. A dancer investigates and plays with one of the most ancient materials – all the while the live classical guitar music inspires her journey.

The creative power of clay has been used and appreciated since the beginning of human civilisation and culture. The possibilities are endless – day after day new creations are formed from the same clump of clay. As the dancer interacts with the inanimate piece of raw earth, it becomes an active and vivacious part of the play. “Ton in Ton” gives the audience the possibility to recognise how each touch leaves a trace. Visual artist Gerold Tusch accompanied the creation process and offered much valuable knowledge about the specific material clay. He was also a contributor to the development and staging of the performance.

Directors: Cornelia Böhnisch, Katharina Schrott
Dancer: Anna Bárbara Bonatto
Classical Guitarist: Raúl Rolón
Dramaturg: Felicitas Biller
Musical Dramaturg: Yoko Yagihara
Set Stage and Costume: Cornelia Böhnisch
Lights/ Tech: Florian Kirchmayr, Robert Schmidjell

In close collaboration with the visual artist Gerold Tusch.

“Ton in Ton” is a Toihaus-Production, part of  the “Mapping”-Network – “A Map on the aesthetics of performing arts for early years”, co-financed by the European Creative Europe-Programm.




“Ton in Ton” is available for kindergartens and crèches to book now!

Dominique Wastl-Hütter | T. +43 662 87 44 39-20




Thoughts about the piece

“ What I found to be most fascinating about this project was that the dance – which usually is a fleeting art form, no longer visible after the fact – in this case leaves strong visual traces. Not only that, but those traces are left in an archaic material – clay – which if burned, could be preserved for millennia!„ (Cornelia Böhnisch, Director)

„Ton in Ton is a production which overarches across a wide span of performing disciplines – from visual arts to live music, voice and dance.” (Katharina Schrott, Director)

„Noting better could have happened to me after the Corona-Isolation. The collaboration with the various artists was wonderful: there was enough space for thinking, speaking and doing, as well as for emotions.” (Gerold Tusch, Visual Artist)



Credit: Ela Grieshaber