Always if the world is moving on our whishes plate’, a grain of sand is falling down changing into stardust and dropping in the ocean of our dreams. If so, there are treasures behind the hills, we can walk stairways backwards ahead and a rose is wearing more than one dress. Musicians will tell us stories from their lives and an actor is dancing through the night looking for a place to be. And, finally, when our story will come to an end we know: there is an answer to all our questions – we just still have to wait. Wait for the right moment when the ticking of the clock is telling us that even our time is not infinite.

FOREVER. is the adult’s version of the play immer. for children.
Both plays are in our touring repertoire.


Conceived and directed by Myrto Dimitriadou
Performed and played by Andreas Simma, Yoko Yagihara, Yorgos Pervolarakis
Music and Composition Yoko Yagihara,Yorgos Perovlarakis, Gudrun Raber-Plaichinger
Set and Costume Designer Ragna Heiny
Advisor Katharina Schrott
Lighting Designers and Technicians Alexander Breitner, Robert Schmidjell


Toihaus Theatre makes us listen to time and life. The new production IMMER looks at the daily routines with a ticking sound in its back ..Paris meets Tokyo in Cádiz, both converse in finnish. Added on: a dash Bohéme and a breeze of Future-Cafe. IMMER welcomes its audience to a mysterious cross-over served on four bar tables, surrounded by an array of instruments…”Salzburger Nachrichten / Verena Schweiger


Video / Teaser: SensoReye Produktion