Theatre with dance, music, 3 performers and several boxes

for children aged 1.5 upwards
Duration: 35 min

A Toihaus Theatre Production
in cooperation with the performance group “under construction”

A few boxes, a couple of scraps of paper. 2 feet. No, 6! Another box. Half an arm, 11
fingers, the tip of a nose. What a strange building that is!

In kartOOOn three performers and a heap of boxes create worlds that can become any number of things in the blink of an eye: a hideaway, a landscape, a weird creature, a relationship or a place in a dream. With wit and humour, the body itself becomes a house, is at times large and wobbly, or small and nimble … and always moving.


Dance, Performance, Music Julia Schwarzbach, Nic Lloyd, Gudrun Raber-Plaichinger
Conceived and developed by Mirjam Klebel
Artistic advisor Myrto Dimitriadou
Choreographic advisor Katharina Schrott
Composition Gudrun Raber-Plaichinger
Stage Designer and Costume Designer Ragna Heiny
Technicians and Lighting Designers Alexander Breitner and Robert Schmidjell

With the support of “Small Size, Performing Arts for Early Years”


Su 12/09 – 4pm
Mo 12/10. – 4pm
Tu 12/11 – 4pm (sold out)