Karo Kuchar “Space Suit / Raumanzug”

In the context of Performance Fiction #2 – A series throughout the year

The second “Performance Fiction” weekend is accompanied by the installation “Space Suit” by Karo Kuchar, which is presented as a monumental “outer skin”. Skin is thereby conceived as a shell and the human body as an architectural structure. “Space Suit / Raumanzug”, a monumental swimsuit, is both garment and skin of an imaginary (large) body. A layer of skin behind a wall, a body leaning against an (in)visible but existing wall, thus pressing it against the border to the outside world. Transported through a collage of images and a garment directly associated with the female body, presented at Toihaus Theater.

Karo Kuchar realized this project with the help of photographer Vilma Pflaum.