Himmelbunt – as colorful as the sky

Dance & Music
For all ages 1+

What color is the sky?
Blue, purple, yellow, orange?
On a white surface,
a dancer and a musician play
with various movements and sounds.
They draw colors in the air.
In the glowing arc between
you and I, the sky opens
and things begin to sparkle.

Concept und Choreography: Katharina Schrott
Dance: Anna Bárbara Bonatto
Music: Marina Iglesias
Dramaturgy: Felicitas Biller
Musical Consulting: Yoko Yagihara
Set Stage and Costume: Cornelia Böhnisch
Lights and Tech: Florian Kirchmayr, Robert Schmidjell

Première: March 2024

Registration for kindergartens and toddler groups:
Beate Schilcher | beate.schilcher@toihaus.at | T. +43 660 8177074


Credit: Siegrid Cain