Dance- and Media-Performance

Fukushima, a natural disaster created by humans – this forms the basis of the production.

The dancers create moments of becoming and vanishing, full of an archaic vital force: A utopian landscape – after a dramatic event that changes everything … – even more dramatic than Fukushima. And the two performers make use of a clever trick: equipped with special glasses, half of the audience see and experience a different performance. Upon admission, they choose the colour of their glasses and decide to experience either an Elysian idyll or an apocalyptic inferno.

“feed and bleed” is multi-layered, has many messages and interconnections. Especially with regard to nature, man-made disasters, as well as society and filters and manipulation mechanisms. The production is therefore endless, always current. The piece creates a digital effect with analogue mediums. The audience are presented with something natural and physical – but it creates an artificial look that manipulates their perception in a simple yet profound way. It also shows how the media make use of filters in society.

In 2014 this piece was nominated for the Elevate Award and was also presented at the international Shinjuku dance festival in Tokyo as well as in the Toihaus in Salzburg.


Dance / Choreography / Costumes / Idea / Concept: Cornelia Böhnisch and Katharina Schrott; Music: Hüseyin Evirgen; Stage: Marc Ischepp; Tech and light: Robert Schmidjell and Alexander Breitner; Texts: Friedrich Hölderlin and Jopa Jotakin; A production of the Toihaus Theatre in Salzburg; 60 min.

Toihaus on Tour
10.-14.05.2018 Internationale Tanztage Oldenburg (DE)

… an extraordinary dance performance … full of emotional images …
Salzburger Nachrichten