A dream with dance and music for children aged 2–5
40 min.

The dreamer dreams dreams: she is a butterfly.
The butterfly dreams dreams: it is a dreamer.
A black and white stage, a lady, a mysterious bag. The old woman sits down on a bench and starts dropping off. She dreams of a life in dance, joy, happiness, a butterfly …

When she wakes up, her dreams are gone; but the colourful images keep dancing in the minds of the young audience members, even after the old woman is long gone.
Let us again give our dreams space in our lives!


Conceived by Sigrid Wurzinger
Dance and Acting Cornelia Böhnisch, Myrto Dimitriado
Music & Composition Herbert Pascher
Cello Andrea Muscas
Stage Designer and Costume Designer Sigrid Wurzinger
Lighting Designer Arian Andiel
Choreography Cornelia Böhnisch
Technician Robert Schmidjell

With the support of “Small Size, Performing Arts for Early Years”

Toihaus on Tour
10.-14.05.2018 Internationale Tanztage Oldenburg