Theatre with dance, music, 2 performers and a giant pop-up book
for kids aged 1,5-6 years

Duration: 30 min.

In this new kids production by Sigrid Wurzinger, dancer Ceren Oren scurries through the adventurous pages of a giant pop-up book. Opening up this book/Turning the pages and curiously diving into other worlds, she finds herself at one moment in a desert, at another in the middle of some snow.
Together with actress Susanne Lipinski they travel through wild, exciting, poetic, and ever-changing landscapes.
Accompanied by the music of Hüsein Evirgen, the audience is taken along on this journey.

Around my room I had a look
There it was laying, this curious book
I opened it, carefully peeking in
Wondering what adventure might begin…

The journey starts and off I fly,
Whoosh – so many landscapes passing by:
Sandy deserts, ice and snow,
What is next, where will I go?

Another page, another view,
Something familiar or something new?
The sun is shining at the sea,
Marvellous places for you and me!

We travel, further and further towards bliss
come with me
what a wonderful journey this is.


Directed by Sigrid Wurzinger, Ceren Oran, Susanne Lipinski
Conceived by Sigrid Wurzinger
Stage and Costume Designer Sigrid Wurzinger
Dancer and Choreography Ceren Oran
Actress Susanne Lipinski
Music and Composition Hüseyin Evirgen
Booktechnique Harald Schöllbauer
Choreographic Advisor Pascal Staudenbauer
Lighting Designers and Technicians Alexander Breitner, Robert Schmidjell


24.09.’17 DZIECINADA – International Festival of Childrens Theatres, Wrocław (PL)
18.10.’17 LUNGAUER KULTURVEREINIGUNG, Tamsweg (AT) within the STELLA17 / Spot-on Salzburg
21.01.’18 Landestheater Vorarlberg (AT)
10.-11.02.’18 SPLEEN Festival Graz (AT)