Raúl Rolón

Born in Luque, Paraguay, Raul began studying classical guitar and music theory at a very young age. He studied with Violeta de Mestral in San Lorenzo and continued his musical education at the Escuela Miranda Musical in Asunción under the direction of Richie Vidaurre and Javier Aquino, where he completed the study program in record time. He completed a bachelor’s and master’s degree in classical guitar at the Mozarteum University under professor Eliot Fisk, by whom he was greatly influenced both musically and artistically. As a member of the guitar quartet “ATEM”, Raul and his ensemble colleagues offer master classes, and perform in numerous high-class concert halls and studios in Austria and Germany. As a soloist he has performed in Germany, Austria, Paraguay, Spain, Belgium, Colombia and Argentina. In addition to classical music he has a passion for Tango and Flamenco and has an extensive repertoire extending from Renaissance to contemporary.