Gudrun Plaichinger

Gudrun Plaichinger comes from an Upper Austrian family of musicians and began her musical education very early on. She studied violin performance and baroque violin at the ABPU Linz with professors Josef Sabaini and Michi Gaigg. At the Mozarteum Music University in Salzburg she studied with Dr. Helmut Zehetmair/Frank Stadler and Professor Harald Herzl. Furthermore she continued her education with several Masters Courses and classes i. a. In Jazz Violin, Music and Instrumental Music Pedagogy – thesis on the ‘minimal music’ composer Philip Glass, with whom she also worked. After a very active Chamber Music and Orchestral career at home and abroad she devoted herself more and more to working with visual artists, performers, dancers and actors and has been a member of the Toihaus Theater since 2004. On the Toihaus stage Gudrun performs not only as a musician, but also as an actress. She composes music for various productions of children’s theatre and evening pieces and often collaborates with, among others, her music partner Yoko Yagihara.

2010 specialisation in electronic violin and electronic music. Her main focus is on live generated electronic music, which she regards as craftsmanship and the creative process of which she always makes visible to the audience. She combines her playing on the violin with singing as well as other instruments and interweaves the music closely with the intended dramaturgy. Typical focal points of her musical language are improvisation, symbolism, the supernatural, breaking boundaries and diversity, as well as the total conjunction of motion and emotion as a music-making person. She has been playing as an e-violinist and singer in the electronic group deneb since 2012. She has been a guest musician in the baroque ensemble Castor since 2014.