Lisa Magnan

Lisa Magnan is a french contemporary dancer, artist and choreographer.

She studied contemporary dance at the National Conservatoire of Angers, Paris and at the National Superior Conservatory for Music and Dance (C.N.S.M.D.) of Lyon. She obtained a B.A. Performing Arts, University Lyon II in 2011. As a dancer/performer she experiments a lot instant composition and improvisation, in particular with Sandrine Maisonneuve and Tomeo Verges.

She is also engaged into strong physical works, assisting sometimes Francesco Scavetta in his workshops (partnering and floor work). She worked with Enknap (SL), Marie Stockhausen (IT), Club Guy and Rony (Nei), Andonis Foniadakis (GR), compagnie Alrakis (FR), Willy Dorner (AT), Nicolas Ramond (FR) and took a lot of workshops with David Zambrano, German Jaureguy, Josef and Linda, les Slovaks etc. She is also doing projects more into performance, where guts, voice and play are engaged such as Valve from Cornelia Voglmayr (AT), Purifiés de Marion Barché (FR), Loup y-es-tu? de comapagnie Alcandre (FR), Interdiction de stationer de Sandrine Maisonneuve (FR).

Working as a dancer brings to Lisa a lot of new ways and possibilities to inspire her, and to create her own universe. She has made several pieces as ‚Voilà ce que je propose, qu’est-ce que vous en pensez?‘ and ‚Danse avec Baxter‘ both with Lauriane Douchin, and the trio Replay together with Quentin Dubois et Jéremy Daillet (more than 150 show in 3 years). She is also doing choreographies for theater companies.