Theatre with dance and live music
for children aged 1,5-5 years
Duration: 40 min.

The world of people is enormous. But if you look more closely, you can see that it consists of a thousand bits and pieces. And these thousand small things in turn come together to form something big.

Julia Schwarzbach – together with guitarist Yorgos Pervolarakis – weaves an intricate tapestry made of a thousand small items and elements and connects them through dance and music. The resulting mini-stories merge to form one large narrative strand – an artistic tapestry made of sounds, movement, external and internal images. Culminating in a grand poetic whole. A passionate declaration of love to the world with its countless bits and pieces.


Conceived and directey by Myrto Dimitriadou
Dancer and Choreographer
Julia Schwarzbach
Musician and Composer Yorgos Pervolarakis
Set and Costume Designer Ragna Heiny
Advisors Gudrun Raber-Plaichinger, Katharina Schrott
Lighting Designers and Technicians Alexander Breitner and Robert Schmidjell

With the support of “Small Size, Performing Arts for Early Years”

Toihaus on Tour
10.-14.05.2018 Internationale Tanztage Oldenburg (DE)
…In devoted manner Julia Schwarzbach dances to the fine guitarsounds of Yorgos Pervolarakis.. in the next moment she just let´s herself get blown away by him. Her excitement when she discovers all the many hidden little thing is contagious. With their eyes wide open even the smallest kids follow the 40minute long happenings on stage. The magical sounds, harmoneous movements and the many hidden surprises all turn the theater visit into a poetic and fantasyfull pleasure. It´s a declaration of love to the fantastic world of children, which director Myrto Dimitriadou has put into scene with great sensitivity. In this world all the seemingly useless and discarded things gain meaning and find their place.”
Even the tinyest things can be delightfull. The newest production for the youngest once again establishes the theatre as a poetic space and works with a slowing down of images. We actually don´t need more than the comfort of togetherness: a beautiful picture of modesty. And again, a magical moment of wondering what even the smallest things can do.” Salzburger Nachrichten / Karl Harb