Electronic Music Producer / Sound Designer / Lector

To Whomever It May Concern, I am an electronic music producer/performer who is qualifed to lecture in English on subjects related to sound synthesis, electronic music production, iOS music applications, modular synthesis and sound design. I have done lectures teaching Ableton Live all around the world, including Australia, Germany, Bel- gium, Lebanon, Russia, Poland, Switzerland to name a few. I also provide Able- ton with my artistic input on Ableton Live and beta test it.
I have over one-hundred vinyl record releases and release music for the most renowned and respected Drum and Bass labels. My energetic tracks are played by many of the scene’s key artists. I play regularly in clubs and festivals
all over the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Colombia, Russia, France, Den- mark, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Poland, Germany, Hol- land, Czech Republic, Austria, Greece and Kazakhstan, just to name a few.